Accredited Program Development

Identify the Audience

Primary Care, Specialist or other HCP.

Determine the format

Live, on demand, webinar or all of the above?

Deliver the Program

Make sure the program is well launched.

Measure and Assess

Polling, evaluation forms? Use the data to get even better.

Accredited Program Development

  • Challenge: Medical practice group needing to meet accreditation demands
  • Audience: Cardiologists and internists
  • Solution: Formalization of an accredited small group learning series with online access to content
  • Evaluation: Attendees average 60+ credit earned over the first 12 months

Conferences, evening CME, rounds and accredited programs all offer the same learning environment and only form part of the equation. In particular, community-based specialists have very specific needs. We work with you, and them, to deliver a program that meets their needs!

Case Study

New standards of accreditation mean a lot of thinking needs to go into program development. There is a greater demand for online programming as well as finding opportunities to maximizing credits earned. We can work with you to deliver high-quality programs that resonate with your audience.

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