Strategic Program Development

Start With the Problem

What problem are you trying to solve?

Ask the Right Questions

Why are you doing this? What will the outcome be?

Define the Solution

What is the best way to communicate the message?


And how are you going to know if your customers are listening?

Strategic Program Development

Every tactic needs a strategy. For us, the means clearly defining the outcome of the project. While that may seem obvious to some, our experience is that outcomes are often loosely defined, leaving a gap between expectation and the final result. What this means is that we’re going to ask for a bit more of your time up front to ensure we clearly understand what you’re trying to achieve.

This allows us to adapt our approach, and maybe challenge your thinking, to ultimately produce the best results time and time again.

CASE Building

Every tactic, program or interaction with your customers comes can be broken down into four key elements:
At ICI we build every program around these four elements and craft a solution specifically built to meet your needs  

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